We Place Seniors in Independent or Assisted Living Facilities for Free!

Helping your Family?

Would your family member benefit from the services of an independent or assisted living community? We understand how difficult it is to find the very best senior living options within the Bakersfield area. At By Your Side Senior Placement Services we do all the research, investigation and community assessment necessary to find the very best options for your loved one.

Always By Your Side

Here at By Your Side Senior Placement Services we match our clients with communities that meet their specific needs throughout the Bakersfield area.  But placement is just the beginning!  The Senior Living Consultants at By Your Side continue to stay involved.  We maintain contact with our clients throughout their life and recommend any necessary adjustments to their changing needs. 

Referring a Senior?

Need to help a client, patient or friend find the perfect independent or assisted living facility?  Every day By Your Side Senior Placement Services works with private practice doctors, hospital case managers, social workers, hospice nurses, elder law attorneys, financial planners and other professionals who trust us with their senior referrals.  Let us know if you have a referral today!

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